City tour in the company of our oldest daughter and her husband, long walks along the […]
In 2009 we gave another big bite at the City and we enjoyed visiting the Ellis […]
Business trip done by Stephen for a brief technical intervention at the UN. Short walks in […]
In 2006, instead we took a good slice of the Big Apple, we have used shoes, […]
In 2005 we had the pleasure to learn more about Her, wandering through a busy city, […]
In 2004 we meet the Big Apple for the very first time, we crossed the town […]
 2004 —  2005 —  2006 —  2007 —  2009 — Christmas 2009 —  2010 — 2015 The big Apple, fascinating city that never sleep, we have visited more times […]
We decided to recover the lost trip of the previous year for the accident of Stefano. […]