Intermediate step towards the end of our wonderful trip. Elisa as we headed to the city […]
Upon leaving Christchurch, to go to Keikoura, a town known for the Whale Watch cruises. In […]
Outbound flight with Emirates, Dubai – Rome with the A380 (yeah, the one with double deck) […]
She had remained in our hearts so we are gone to visit her again. “The long […]
From the beautiful Cottage, without Internet but with a beautiful view of the bay of Tauranga […]
After a quiet and restful night, we leave for Christchurch with an obligatory stop at the […]
Hearty breakfast and then off to Dunedin and the beautiful Otago Peninsula. A few kilometers in […]
Hearty breakfast and after careful dressing for the cold day we are going to meet, we […]
Cloudy and threatening rainy day, we get dressed and go out on foot to visit the […]
Quiet journey, with a small detour to see a short coast of south fiordland, a quick […]
Departure from Queenstown as soon as the sun has begun to peek through the mountains, we […]
We are on the westernmost tip of the South Island, overlooking the Tasman Sea inside the […]
  The alarm rings, we are already up, at 07:15 closes the check-in of the ferry […]
Wake up early in the morning, hearty breakfast and departure for the New Zealand capital. A […]
Wake up and breakfast with coffee, milk and weetabix. We put the suitcases back in the […]
We leave in the early morning and take the HW 3 towards south, bucolic landscapes with […]