The desire of visiting the Maldivian atolls has always been strong for us and when our […]
Last stop of our trip along the beaches of the Dead Sea… Mud, very salty water […]
Wadi Rum, also known as the Valley of the Moon, is a valley carved over millennia […]
Unlike Petra, in which the Nabataeans lived and buried their dead, Piccola Petra was designed to […]
Petra (rock in Greek) is an archaeological site in Jordan, located about 250 km south of […]
According to the concluding chapter of Deuteronomy, Mount Nebo is the one on which the Hebrew […]
It’s a Jordan’s City, built on the ancient biblical site of Medba or Medeba, from which […]
al-Karak, once part of the Kingdom of Jerusalem, rises south of Amman, on the ancient Via […]
The ancient Gerasa, is the capital of the homonymous Jordan region, in the north of the […]
Amman Citadel — Jerash Gerasa — Kerak Fortress — Madaba and the Holy Land mosaic — […]
Hanoi — Ha Long Bay — Hoi An — Saigon —  Mekong estuary — Siem Reap.– […]
Start of the visit of the Cambodian capital with a stop at the complex of the […]
Departure towards the capital in the direction of the provincial capital of Kampong Thom, located just […]
Morning dedicated to Angkor Wat, the masterpiece of all Khmer art, the most famous and impressive […]
Visit at the fortified city of Angkor Thom, passing through the South Gate and continuing towards […]
A long transfer via bus from Saigon to a port in the town of Vinh Long, […]
In the actual Saigon, the district one of Ho Ci Min City, lives the neuralgic and […]
We visited the historic center of this town tens of kilometers from Danang, famous for its […]
The famous Halong Bay, almost four thousand square kilometers of jade and turquoise waters overlooking the […]
The city of Hanoi (Vietnamese capital) has a French architectural imprint along the Song Hong River, […]