A trip made to review some magical places such as Yellowstone Park, the city of Seattle […]
The largest and most populous city in the state of Washington, a stop before returning home, […]
Left Fairbanks we headed to the city of Valdez, notorious for the environmental disaster caused by […]
Denali is one of the major nature parks in Alaska, it is highly recommended to visit […]
A mandatory stop at the famous national monument dedicated to the four American presidents: Washington, Jefferson, […]
British airways flight from Rome to Denver, rented a car and then drive up to Cheyenne […]
Un viaggio fatto per rivedere alcuni luoghi magici come il parco Yellowstone, la città di Seattle […]
A tipical american city inspired by the epic of the Far West, with references to horses, […]
We have dedicated three days (absolutely few) to Yellowstone park, one of the places where nature […]
Pictures Cheyenne wy — Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse monument — to Yellowstone — Yellowstone Park — Montpelier — Vancouver CAN — to the Denali — the Denali Park — Fairbanks — Chicken — to Dawson […]