The desire of visiting the Maldivian atolls has always been strong for us and when our favorite travel agency ( Pirgy Viaggi from Cerenova) called us for make a fantastic proposal, we didn’t think twice. One week vacation package with Francorosso, all inclusive in their Maayafushi seaclub in the North Ari atoll, direct flight with Alpitour’s Neos flight company, no stop from Fiumicino to Malè. Upon arrival in Malè we met with the other guests of the village and we boarded the fast motorboat that transferred us to the island in an hour and a half.

The island is a small self-sufficient tropical paradise, with numerous rooms, some over water, large rooms with air conditioning, mini fridge bar, a large bathroom with double shower that are cleaned and tidied twice a day.

The first day we got in touch with the reality of the island, its size, the eating facilities, the bars, the entertainment and the Nakai diving center.

In the following days we relaxed under the sun, we played with the animation guys (present but not nagging): with morning gym, canoeing or windsurfing or a catamaran trip, aqua gym, ecologist educational tour, afternoon recreational activities and evening shows.

a special mention to the Nakai diving center and to the two key figures Marco and Gilda who animate the different activities of snorkeling on the reef, swimming with sharks, diving, swimming with manta rays and professional photo shoots.

Our week passed quickly and with great pleasure for having enjoyed a place on the edge of paradise, looked after and pampered, a further mention goes to the food, carefully cooked, varied and tasty with a particular attention to Italian and Maldivian cuisine.

The return with a rough sea and a peaceful and pampered flight with a brand new 787 dreamliner from Neos Air

some photos taken above and below