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A journey made in the “peaceful” country by choice, in fact it has no army or armed forces. Famous for being between the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, a naturalistic paradise dotted with active volcanoes, rain forests and tropical beaches.


Flight Iberia from Rome to San Jose, where our friend Rodolfo, who has been living in that town for several years, has been our guide. Dinner in the family and the following days visit of the city with the lucky to be able to attend the parade of the Caribbean carnival. Rudy then also listed us things to see and visit.

Taken our 4X4 we went to the south to admire and visit the Manuel Antonio natural park. We spent a day walking in its beautiful environment, to discover the colorful and numerous fauna and a lush flora.

Although the Manuel Antonio National Park is the smallest national park in Costa Rica, the diversity of wildlife in its 6.83 square km, has no equal:

109 species of mammals and 184 species of birds, ( three-toed sloth from the throat brown and sloth with two fingers of Hoffmann are the main features, as are the howler monkey, the Central American squirrel monkey and the white-headed capuchin monkey.

Black spiny tailed iguana, green iguana, common basilisk, white-nosed coati and many species of snakes and bats are common in the park. Included in the 184 species of birds are toucans, peaks, potoos, motmots, tanagas, vultures, parrots and hawks.

We, then, headed north to spend a couple of days in the surroundings of “foresta nublosa” where you can meet different animal species walking in a dense undergrowth, on suspension bridges.

The Selvatura Park offers different possibilities for fun, from the more adrenaline-like ones, like the Zip Line with different solutions like sitting, in pairs and hanging from Superman, suspension bridges, an adventure park with ascents and descents among the trees.

Then off to the beaches of the Pacific coast, a stop at the playa of Brasilito to watch the pelicans dive into the sea to fish, we slept in a bed and breakfast really out of the ordinary, the “ Quinta Esencia ” with a slightly hippie atmosphere but very comfortable and attentive to the needs of guests.

Then we headed south to stop near the beach of Sàmara where we relaxed a couple of days walking along the sunny shore.

Last stop, before returning to San José, was the area around the Arenal volcano with its spa facilities and its typical cone on the slopes of which you can take short walks and hikes.

An excursion that really impressed us was that to reach the famous celestial river that takes its name from the color of its waters from the fact that the transparent waters of two rivers, the Rio Buenavista and the Quebrada Agria, when they meet change the ph and the acidification aggregates an aluminum and silicon compound, contained in the Rio Buenavista and in the presence of oxygen causes the water to take on a turquoise color.

Return flight Iberia in two routes: San José-Madrid, Madrid-Rome and we are toned at home