It all started at the elementary school when unconsciously, during an end of school year recital, we met while we were interpreting two regions which later would had meant so much in our marriage: Liguria and Sicily …
Life made us meet again later, at the end of high school, when, during a party with our friends, our eyes and our hands have crossed.
Since that time, the passion did the rest, pushing our relationship up to became rooted in love with respect and mutual esteem.
We still smile when we remember our first trip into the beautiful land of Puglia where Stefano was working, ruined by a flu that has hit Elisa for all the trip. (What a lucky girl!)
After we got married we had a beautiful and very short honeymoon ( because we had only few money) in the enchanting Sicily, where we discovered the pleasure of seeing and knowing beautiful places like Taormina, Valley of the Temples, the Alcantara Gorges, Scylla and Charybdis.
Then we had to change our house, because we moved from Livorno to Rome using our Fiat 500, with only few belongings, but with our first child on the way!
Travelling is the spice of our lives: at the beginning, a little reluctantly, obliged by the work of Stefano, but we managed to see everything: Lazio, Liguria, Puglia, Sicily, Marche, Tuscany, Umbria, Valle D’Aosta. Then we said, why don’t we take advantage of this? And we began to be amused by traveling. Europe was our gym, with the green Ireland, Holland with its canals and tulips, France with the “Ville Lumiere” Paris (and the amazing Disneyland) the castles of the Loire, the Camargue and the charming Normandy (do not miss, Mont St. Michel that emerges from the mist at dawn). Spain with Barcelona and Madrid, the Czech Republic with the wonderful Praha, Denmark with the classical Copenhagen and Norway and Germany, Portugal, England. So, given that traveling was becoming really interesting, we picked up our courage and we made the big leap: we went to China to celebrate our 25th anniversary of marriage and since then we haven’t stopped. TheUSA, or the Oceania, the South East, the Africa
Here you can find a good collection of our photographs, organized by continent and by travel, where we portraited: us, friends, places and landscapes that we encountered in our wanderings … look, browse and dig through …
The photos here are in fact exclusively to stimulate your imagination and your desire to imitate us and not to provoke in you any feeling of envy. To our friends and fellow travelers, here looking for memories and good times spent together, we tell them thank you for allowing us to see and enjoy such beautiful and exciting places, without ever having anything to complain about. Thank you for your kindly attention a big hug